Outsourcing - micro-enterprise – innovation – part 2.

Technological innovations are available through the development of technology. From the perspective of micro-enterprises, it seems that, as in the case of small, medium and large businesses significant is aspect of monitoring, control and budgeting their own infrastructure. Currently application is an interesting tool to ensure balanced way of using these possibilities [eg. SaaS service (subscription payment method), etc.], monitoring of infrastructure, controls of staff and planning of budgeted expenditure on system and hardware. Thanks to such applications there is no need to believe in explanation served by technician in the matter of the reasons of occurrence of malfunction, and it is often turns out a trivial glitch which can be quickly fix, and what can be quickly fix and during process doesn't generate additional costs, may be perfect ground for the moral hazard and in the end the effect is counterproductive. In the era of specializations, some issues should be taken generally by experts. While in the case of small scale infrastructure, one person can itself carry out inspection and intervene in advance, eg. by logging in for his own profile, where he sees all devices connected to the network, checks the condition of components, which of wires are off from the switch, and how it looked like from the perspective of investment plans in the quarter time etc. The positive effect of growing technology market are the opportunities that previously weren't available. It is hard to imagine how it looked like before the development of cloud computing, renting a platform designed for units and organizations which are not necessarily hold specialized staff and technical supply. This utilitarian approach is, of course, on the one hand is used by providers, and so there is a wide range of available services, on the other hand recipient can make only a benefit of this because it will always be a need for intervention of specialist, although it will be verified through the objective and still improved tools.

Described in the introduction the two sides were supposed to on the one hand to introduce a way of thinking, the functioning of outsourcing and innovation in the micro-enterprise, on the other hand become a leitmotif for the introduction of changes which are close at hand thanks to the development of technologies. In any case, you can invoke the arguments for and against, there are on the one side difficult condition of market, and therefore follows lack of commitment to new ways of business, management, on the other side is great significance of competitiveness of the market and probably many companies of similar profile has a similar opinion about it, but it makes no difference - they should invest and develop theirs the best abilities, i.e. to seek new solutions. Outsourcing and innovation are interrelated, they generate safe and useful solutions, while being a source of knowledge and a the engine of development. The result of its use in everyday work leads to increase the competitiveness, streamline basic tasks and optimization of costs.




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