Outsourcing - micro-enterprise – innovation – part 1.

Consideration a relation included in title is a noteworthy task, when we acknowledge it as a crucial in categories of management and development of micro-enterprise. Analysing of elements paying special attention to definitions and structure[1] can be reached the conclusion: certainly dependencies are always present, but are they so important for the practice of running a company to raise them. After all, outsourcing isn't a new trend in management, as twentieth century innovation it should be permanently incorporated with all its specificity, which include inter alia know-how, in place of its application, but whether is it a fact? A micro-enterprise is the foundation of the economic pyramid, despite the fact that employs a relatively small number of employees and has limited resources, data on the use of outsourcing in various issues should be more abundant. From the perspective of the current situation when the market requires continuous improvements, enhancing of competences or investments, creating organizations based on their own specialists seems to be unrealistic. Costs and tasks related to their maintenance and improvement are contradiction of what is affordable for micro-enterprise. This reality also has a other side because a justification for impulsive approach to use of subcontractors in such essential areas as accounting and/or IT[2] strengthens belief that the functioning of the world in this way is not only necessity but also is sufficient. It's strengthens understanding of outsourcing above all as limited to a service, which reduce expenses on conducting business, a micro enterprises as unsteadily functioning organization, an innovation as pleasantly seen but accidental phenomenon acquired through the promotion of technical and human resources.

It should be pointed out that: "much as 67% of micro enterprises admits that they choose outsourcing due to the lack of sufficient resources inside the company"[3], that are the result of their specifics, that is, limitations of human and financial resources. No doubt this form of understanding or use of outsourcing is affected by the lack information about the current offer of outsourcing market  and direction of its growth. Trust in the service providers in this case also has a great significance, especially when budget is not unlimited. Accordingly, executing tasks on the base of outsourcing can raise many doubts and fears, especially in the context of the reasonableness of such a solution. It starting to make sense when we are afraid to invest and to become depend on staff and when we seek to reduce the costs of business and we would like to improve the process organizational and technological in our organization. To accomplish this it is not enough to sublet "specialist" who will perform basic technical activities. It is a simple task to connect new devices and make their basic configuration. A more difficult task is to find an idea how to make something better and cheaper, eg. harness an available devices for a variety of tasks which have not been included in the original investment plan. For example, the company does not have to hire a bodyguard when has a network switch, which (with a small outlays) also makes possible to monitor company's area - such use and conclusions seem to be trivial, but still are innovative. It carries a proactive element, which also shows techniques of management, eg. lean management, makes qualitative changes in the perspective of the organization of working time, control of our resources, infrastructure. Trend of such management was created thanks to the experiences of big companies which, despite (compared to microenterprises) have a far more opportunities to reframe, restructure their own organization. Positive in this context are data showing that the microenterprise is gaining on value: "awareness of the importance of innovation in terms of organizational what is important because the organization is one of the factors determining the efficiency of implementation of technical innovations"[4].



[1] Outsourcing "is an abbreviation of combination of three English words: outsider, resource and using/use". K. Kalinowska, Outsourcing jako metoda zarządzania.

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Outsourcing is a term of management. It applies to extract areas that do not belong to the key business perspective. As micro entrepreneur is considered: " entrepreneur who in at least one of the last two fiscal years:
1) employed per year on average less than 10 employees and
2) reached an annual net turnover from sale of goods, products and services and financial operations not exceeding the PLN equivalent of EUR 2 million or total assets in its balance sheet at the end of one of these years did not exceed the PLN equivalent of EUR 2 million."

Article 104. [in]: http://isip.sejm.gov.pl/Download?id=WDU20102201447&type=3

In the context of micro-enterprises it is worth to focus on innovation as "minor enhancements, also referred to as incremental innovation, are those whose effect is small, but continuous improvement of business performance (including products and processes). Progress in this case is for example. The a slight improvement of the product, shortening or reducing customer service costs. This kind of innovation is similar in substance to the concept of continuous improvement appearing in the standards of quality management. Continuous, minor enhancements of products and enterprise management system contributing to a competitive advantage." A. Rudzewicz, A. Strychalska-Rudzewicz, Strategie produktów innowacyjnych.,

[in]: http://www.uwm.edu.pl/pro-edu/upload/file/podreczniki/Zad.2/strategia%20...

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[4] See M. Juchniewicz, op. cit.

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