We are pleased to welcome you in the world of prexout - the system platform created tailored to the requirements of practicality and adaptability, with which we have to face every day. Panopticons Bentham's concept as a tool used to manage of prisoners without necessity participation of administrators who are noticeably in spite of their absence shows that the categories of control and security are nothing new for modern Europe. Today, internalized as part of socialization are unnoticeable in the actions of practice, but direction is determined by them as the azimuth of daily life. Does the IT industry can operate without them? Of course not. So, the above example shows that also created for the present needs the system platform contains the categories of control and security, but with the difference that it reify for monitoring and management.


Prexout is a system platform for managing, monitoring and controlling IT infrastructure. Shall enable micro and small businesses to achieve of optimized resources by using correlated modules, e-service and e-controlling. Seamless simple and easy - yet advanced - tools, will support in reaching the point of spending cuts on guard of technical support and achieving consistent, efficient daily work environment.

Prexout construction is composed of two independent e-services, i.e. the e-service and e-controlling. The first of e-services is responsible for monitoring of infrastructure, which includes workstations, devices working with SNMP protocol, but also mobile devices with the android system. E-service is primarily responsible for monitoring and control of parameters of optimal components, illustrates the map of devices within the network and provides insight into the conditions of warranty on the side of the guarantor and/or provider. The second of e-services, e-controlling is designed to provide a comprehensive view, via reporting systems which are developed at different levels, among other things, whether the optimal devices parameters have been exceeded, if there has been unauthorized user interference, whether we are dealing with the need to verify the defective outbreak in infrastructure or operating and maintenance actions have been closed (within your own organization and/or outsourcing) - the above-mentioned cases are just an example from among many of taken and developed mechanisms by the prexout system platform. Mentioned reporting systems, which can not be included in the framework of referring decimal, shows what's the essence of e-controlling - that intelligent assistance in a distributed environment.

So, as the case of the Panopticon, as an intelligent tool widely recognized, but for venial use imperceptible, so the world, to what is open prexout requires an intelligent approach that creates, and without which, no infrastructure could not be adequately managed, monitored and controlled.

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