Cloud computing - Cloud - Outsourcing IT

Cloud computing, cloud, outsourcing IT are correlated terms especially when we consider them from functional perspective. Therefore it's difficult to separate them, since the cloud computing was the cornerstone for creation of the cloud, which founds the outsourcing (questionable may be the private cloud). However, the cloud computing, from which it should be started, is a term with interesting history and possibilities.

Outsourcing - micro-enterprise – innovation – part 1.

Consideration a relation included in title is a noteworthy task, when we acknowledge it as a crucial in categories of management and development of micro-enterprise. Analysing of elements paying special attention to definitions and structure[1] can be reached the conclusion: certainly dependencies are always present, but are they so important for the practice of running a company to raise them.

In the tunnel outsourcing – part 2.

Currently, the benefits militates in favor of use of outsourcing in its own business activities are not only considered in financial terms. In outsourcing for the recipient matters to keep safety during performing daily tasks which are current and crucial for his organization. Those are technologies and functionality, which don't require testing performed on their own resources - which helps in handling his company, as a more competitive on the market. It's security in the form of contracts and penalties (SLA), which are a consequence of this.

In the tunnel outsourcing – part 1.

Outosurcing is a term base to determine the types of services provided by external companies to customers. Out-source from the etymological point of view defines the point of being outside the source.[1] In practice, this point applies to distinguished, key areas and fields for the operation of which is responsible the outsourcer.


We are pleased to welcome you in the world of prexout - the system platform created tailored to the requirements of practicality and adaptability, with which we have to face every day. Panopticons Bentham's concept as a tool used to manage of prisoners without necessity participation of administrators who are noticeably in spite of their absence shows that the categories of control and security are nothing new for modern Europe.

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