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Why prexout?

Prexout is an original integrated system for monitoring IT infrastructure. It provides current and complete information about all available resources. Improves the current work in your company.

Prexout guarantees:
  • monitoring of company's IT resources 24/7/365
  • minimizing the risk of downtime at work due to malfunction
  • security of stored data
  • ongoing inventory of IT infrastructure
  • the ability to be configured according to the needs of a given IT environment
  • instant e-mail notifications about the status of the IT infrastructure
  • reduction of the risk of irreversible loss of critical data
  • fast remote assistance without installing any additional software
  • management of a fleet of mobile devices
  • management of all devices regardless of the type and brand
  • the ability to integrate with external systems such as ERP, CRM etc.
  • system's functioning without the costly implementation
  • functioning without investing in infrastructure - a service provided as SaaS

How does prexout work?

Three steps to reach the goal:



Create an account in the system



Install the software and select the resources that you want to monitor


Resources analysis
and control

Analyze and control the resources in real time by logging in on the site


Prexout offers independent and compatible services: e-service and e-controlling, which increase the efficiency of business processes of your company.

e-serwis A tool to support the company in managing its own IT infrastructure.
Effectively supervise the infrastructure through day-to-day monitoring of areas of potential risks.

Manage service contracts by:
  • Generating technical information about devices considering the service conditions
  • Controlling the service contract parameters: working hours, time to respond to the notification, time to fix the problem, contract's expiry date
  • All warranty and service information in one place
Monitor the IT infrastructure.

Automatically generate schematics of the owned IT infrastructure in the form of an interactive map illustrating all the local devices connected to the network.

E-service streamlines actions related to:
  • inventory of IT equipment
  • verifying parameters for a warranty or a license
  • ongoing reporting of the status of devices
  • analysis of the potential risks affecting the proper functioning of devices
  • records of service activities
  • analyzing causes of events with the use of archived data

e-controlling A powerful tool to support the work of organizations and companies that provide IT outsourcing services

Optimize the work efficiency of your IT environment through intelligent reports and automatic notifications about potential irregularities.

Customize the admin panel to individual needs and define the optimal parameters for the proper functioning of the current work environment.

Exceeding the specified parameters will generate an automatic notification in the form of: a message on the user's screen, an e-mail and a notification in the user panel. Continuous stream of up-to-date notifications allows for a rapid intervention of the administrator.

Detect threats and anomalies by analyzing the data from the reports:

Infrastructure Status Report

Provides information about the current status of the monitored IT equipment.

Current service activities report

Provides information about the current service activities related to handling complaints.

Network interfaces status report

Provides information about the current status of network interfaces of the monitored workstations.

Faults reports

Provides data about faults of equipment for a selected period of time. Based on it we can determine the hardware's failure frequency and the quality of service actions carried out – in order to reduce costs. Information on the frequency of hardware problems will improve budget planning in the IT area.

Changes in the infrastructure report

Provides information on authorized and unauthorized changes made to the IT environment. Informs about potential risks resulting from user's unauthorized interference with the company's infrastructure.

Update status report

Shows the versions of operating systems installed on individual workstations. Data from the report allows you to pinpoint workstations that are potentially at risk due to the lack of updated software.


Prices quoted are net prices and relate to one monitored device. In case the amount of monitored devices exceeds 1.000 per 1 user, the price of e-services will be adjusted individually

0,04 PLN daily
0,03 PLN daily
e-serwis + e-controlling
0,06 PLN daily


Number of devices: 10

Specify the number of devices using the slider and check what are the 30-days net costs of using the individual services.



e-serwis + e-controlling

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